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The machine hourly rate is an important factor for calculating the final offer price, especially for commercial 3D printing service providers. For this reason, you can calculate your hourly rate directly in our tool and assign it to your printer(s).

Create a new hourly rate

To do this, visit the "Machine hourly rate calculator" tab in the left main menu. You can create a new calculation using the "+" button.

Overview of your machine hourly rate calculations

You will then see an input mask in which you can enter your information about your printer, such as

  • Price
  • Depreciation
  • Interest
  • Useful life
  • and many more

can enter. The more information you enter here, the more accurate your calculated hourly machine rate will be.

Eingabemaske für den Maschinenstundensatz
Entry mask for your hourly rate

Load data from 3D printer

To make your input easier, you can also load the data, such as name & price, directly from your 3D printer. Simply click on the "Load from printer" button and select your desired 3D printer.

Auswahl des 3D Druckers für die Daten
Selection of the device


In the following, we explain the individual information that you can or must provide for the hourly rate.


The name is only used to identify your hourly rate. As a rule, this should be the name of the 3D printer.

Time base for calculation

Here you can decide whether you want to enter your information as "per year" or "per month". If you choose "per month", your information will be automatically multiplied by 12 for the calculation.

Machine hours

With this value you enter the calculated runtime of your printer per time base (month or year). The higher the value or utilization, the lower the hourly machine rate.

Fixed costs

Fixed costs are, as the name suggests, fixed and known costs that can be expected. These include:

  • Replacement costs (purchase price of the device)
  • Depreciation (results from the usage time as well as the interest and the purchase price)
  • Maintenance & repair costs
  • Rent for location / office
  • Electricity costs
  • And additional fixed costs

Variable costs

As a rule, these costs do not occur. However, to be on the safe side, an assumed value can be entered here, e.g. If there is an unplanned rent increase or the electricity costs increase extremely, this is already factored in to a certain extent.


Here is a small example of a possible machine hourly rate calculation.

Beispiel einer Maschinenstundensatz-Berechnung
Example of an hourly rate calculation

Finally, when you are finished with your input, click on "Add machine hourly rate" to save it.

Assign machine hourly rate

Nach erfolgreichen Erstellen deines ersten 3D Drucker-Stundensatzes kannst du diese nun für deine 3D Drucker zuweisen. Dies geht über den „3D Drucker“-Tab im linken Hauptmenü.

Create or edit printer

Depending on whether you want to adapt an existing printer or create a new one, you can select and assign the hourly rate in the input mask.

Maschinenstundensatz zuweisen
Assign machine hourly rate

Here you have two options for how you want to set an hourly rate.

Free value

If you have carried out your calculation in another tool, you can simply enter a free value. Simply tick the free text entry and an input field will appear.

Fester Wert für den Stundensatz

Assign created hourly machine rate

To assign a calculation created in our tool, click on the "Assign machine hourly rate" button and select the desired element.

Stundensatzberechnung auswählen
Select the desired calculation

Finally save your printer or complete the new creation. Now your device is set up with a machine hourly rate, which is automatically taken into account in the calculation.

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