Our #1 software to calculate 3D printing costs

Our 3D printing cost calculator offers you a variety of options to determine your perfect 3D printing price.

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Our free version...

... offers all the necessary functions that you need as a private user. These include:

  • Manage 3D printers & materials

  • Read Gcode & STL files

  • Calculation of the price with various parameters and setting options

  • Available in many languages such as English, German & French

  • Support & assistance with problems

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If you don't know what to do ...

Why our software?

Why you should use our software to calculate your next 3D print job.

Easy to handle

The software is simple and simple, so that it is intuitive to use.


The 3D printing cost calculator allows you to define and manage printers, materials and work steps.


Thanks to various export options, such as an Excel file, our tool is very versatile.

Source code on GitHub

The source code for our free version can be found on Github.

Flexible use

Our software offers you a lot of setting options. You can find out more in our documentation.

Many other features

There are many additional functions that round off the use and make your work easier.

Stare with the free version today.

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Prices & Options

Everything you need. Choose the plan that suits you.

All features of the free version are also included in the Pro versions

0 .00


  • Manage your printers, materials
  • Styles
  • GCode-Parser
  • STL-Viewer


  • License for one PC
  • Use of print servers
  • Calculate & apply machine hourly rates
  • Management of additional work steps
  • Prioritized support
  • All feature of the free version
19 .99Recommendation

Small business

  • License for 3 PCs
  • All feature of the starter version
$ 39 .99

Big business

  • License for 10 PCs
  • All feature of the starter version

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