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Verwalte deine 3D Drucker direkt im Tool.

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Manage your 3D printers

You can find an overview of all your 3D printers in the second tab, on the right in the main menu.

Overview of your 3D printers

In this area you can create new 3D printers or edit, duplicate or delete existing ones. You can use the global buttons next to the search bar or the respective menu of the individual 3D printers in the list.

Menu of a 3D printer

Create a printer

To create a new 3D printer in the tool, you can use the first two global buttons "External" & "+". The two input masks differ in that the external method still allows you to move the main window. Whereas the normal ("+") version as a dialog prevents moving.

Methode „Als externes Fenster“
Methode „Als Dialog“

Mandatory information

A printer requires at least the following information (marked with * in the input mask).

  • Printer type (FDM, SLA, etc.)
  • Material type (filament, resin, etc.)
  • A model name (without manufacturer information)
  • Max. electrical power in watts
  • The size of the building space
  • The price

Alternatively, you can provide the following information.

  • Manufacturer
  • Machine hourly rate (fixed or calculation)
  • Custom Properties


These properties are used to describe printers. These have no effect on calculations or other functions.

Example properties

You can choose from predefined texts or create your own property names.

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