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Das Herzstück unseres 3D Druckkosten-Kalkulator bietet das Kalkulationsmodul. Erfahre hier wie es funktioniert.

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Introduction 3D printing cost calculator

Our 3D printing cost calculator offers you the opportunity to calculate 3D printing costs quickly and easily. Starting with the essential information, such as printing time & volume, you also have the option of calculating additional work steps, machine hourly rates, energy costs, profit & taxes. This document introduces and explains all areas of the calculator.

The dashboard

The dashboard is the heart of the calculator. This is where you do your calculations.

Dashboard des 3D-Druckkosten-Kalkulator

The dashboard is divided into individual sub-segments or tabs. Under "General" you enter the basic information about your print job. This includes, for example, the project name, the Gcode file(s), as well as energy costs, taxes, profits, transaction fees, etc.

Extended view

On the right you will find the "Extended view" in the dashboard. This mainly shows you information about your Gcode / STL files. You can also find your most recent calculations here.


This is where you do your calculations. You have the option to import multiple Gcode files. You can either use the button for "Analyze multiple Gcode files" or simply drag and drop files into the view.

Selected calculation

If you have carried out one or more calculations, these will appear in the expanded view under "Calculations". You can select these calculations for editing in the drop-down menu.

Change selected calculation

When changing the calculation, provided the option "Show calculation result when calculation is changed?" is set, the result is displayed directly. Otherwise only the calculation is loaded into the calculator. Changes mean that no new calculation is created, but the selected one is updated.

View of the calculation result

Alternatively, you can also load calculations into the calculator directly from the expanded view. To do this, open the menu for the respective calculation and select "Load into calculator". This has the same effect as changing the calculation using the dropdown menu.

Load calculation into calculator

Tip: If you want your last calculations to be saved when you exit the tool, set the option "Remember calculations until next start".


These files then appear in the "Files" area and under "Gcode/print information" if the area is expanded.

Added files view

In the extended view you can also switch through the Gcode files. This will then show you the 2D and 3D models.

3D-Ansicht deines Gcode-Modelles
2D-Schichtenmodell deines Gcodes

You can rotate the object by pressing and holding the right mouse button and zooming with the mouse wheel. Clicking the magnifying glass resets the zoom to default.

Add print information manually

Unfortunately, since it is not possible to import output files from e.g. SLA printers, you have the option of creating such information manually. To do this, click on the button to the right of the number of files display (button with the list and the small +).

Manual entry of necessary printing information

Files that are created manually are treated like normal Gcode files. Except that these cannot be displayed as 2D/3D models.

View manually added file


All added files are displayed in this tab. You can add STL and/or Gcode files. Depending on the file, these are displayed accordingly under the two groups. In addition, the progress bar for the "Multiple Gcode Parser" is also located here.

Progress bar when analyzing multiple gcode files

When the analysis is complete, the Gcode files are displayed in the left pane.

Finished analyzed Gcode files
Actions for selected Gcodes

The following functions are available for selected Gcodes from the list.

  • Open gcode editor
  • Open storage location
  • Remove selection from list (Gcodes are not deleted from your PC, only from the list)
Actions for STL files

The following functions are available for selected STL files from the list.

  • Open storage location
  • Remove selection from list (files will not be deleted from your PC, only from the list)
  • Auswahl an deinen bevorzugten Slicer senden

3D Printer

In this area you will find all created 3D printers. You can select multiple printers for your calculation and switch later in the calculation window. So you can see immediately what the prices are for the respective 3D printers.

Auswahl der 3D-Drucker für die Kalkulation
Create a new printer

You can find out how to create a new printer here.


This area is structured as for the 3D printers. Materials selected here are used to calculate your 3D print job.

Overview of created materials
Create new material

You can find out how to create a new material here .

Work steps

In this area you can select additional work steps for your calculation. You can define three different types of work steps.

  • Per hour
  • Per piece
  • Per order

Furthermore, these work steps can also be assigned to a chronological sequence.

  • Before (steps done before 3D printing)
  • After (steps to be done after 3D printing)
  • Miscellaneous
Overview of defined work steps
Create a new step

You can find out how to create a new work step here.

Define standards

You can define standards for 3D printers, materials and work steps in the settings. These are then automatically preselected. when the dashboard opens.

Default selection

You can change the settings under the "Calculation" settings. You can find out more at this Link.

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