Lege deine am häufig verwendeten Materialien direkt im Kalkulator an.

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Manage your stuff

The tool also offers you the opportunity to create and manage frequently used materials.

Overview of your materials

The view is structured like the view for the 3D printer management. The materials are automatically grouped by material type. To create a new material, you can either click on the first or second global button next to the search bar.

Methode “Als externes Fenster”
Methode “Als Dialog”

Mandatory information

A material requires at least the following information (marked with * in the input mask).

  • Material type (filament, resin, etc.)
  • Material type (PLA, PETG, etc.)
  • Designation
  • Density
  • Packaging size and unit (e.g. a 1 kg roll of filament)
  • Price

Alternatively, you can provide the following information.

  • Manufacturer
  • Link to the webshop of the material
  • Custom Properties


These properties are used to describe materials. These have no effect on calculations or other functions.

Example properties
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