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OctoPrint is a free 3D print server, which you can also install and use on your Raspberry Pi. By using a print server, you can easily integrate your 3D printers into your network and control them remotely. The integration in our 3D printing cost calculator makes it even easier!


  • Start and monitor print jobs
  • Upload new files
  • Manage files and folders
  • Control the printer
  • Switch between different printer profiles
  • and many more
OctoPrint Dashboard in der Übersicht
OctoPrint Dashboard


Please note that this is not an official software from OctoPrint and we & our software have no connection to OctoPrint and / or its operators. Our OctoPrint Dashboard uses the public Rest API to communicate with your server.

Files & groups


In the foreground of the dashboard are your 3D printing projects, which are located on your server or on your printer (SD card). You can see the current status of your files in the file view window.

Dateiansicht im OctoPrint Dashboard
File view

Different from Repetier Server Pro you can switch between the "Local" and the data on the "SD card". The folders are also shown here. You can enter a folder by double-clicking on it or by clicking on the "Open folder" button (next to the "Delete" button for each folder).

Leerer Ordner
Empty folder

It can happen that you come across an empty folder. Here you can either upload new files directly or simply jump back a folder. You can either use the "Go back one directory" button, which is displayed to you. Or you can use the button with the folder symbol and the up arrow in the button bar at the top.

Einzelne Gcode-Datei vom OctoPrint Server
Single gcode file

An extended info window is available for files. By opening the info area you will get more information about your Gcode. Here it is also possible to save or download the Gcode locally.

File & folder actions

You can perform certain actions on files and folders.

File action

The following actions are available for files:

  • Start print
  • Delete
  • Select (selecting the file will display it under "Selected Gcode")
  • Download (can be found in the extended information area)

Folder action

The following actions are available for folders:

  • Enter folder
  • Delete folder (inclduing content)

General actions

Furthermore, the following global actions are available to you, which you can execute using the buttons above the file view:

  • Refresh list
  • Upload files
  • New folders
  • One folder back
  • Delete selection

Upload new file

If you want to upload new files, click the "Upload File" button above the file view in the OctoPrint Dashboard. This opens a dialog with which you can select and upload one or more Gcode files. You can either select your files directly using the "Browse" button or simply drag them into the drop zone.

Dateien zum OctoPrint Server senden
Upload files

The current path is automatically used here when you are currently in the file view. You can follow the current progress directly in the dialog.

Dateien hochladen
Ongoing upload process

When the upload is complete, the list of selected files is automatically cleared and you can upload more files or close the dialog with "Close".


You can control your printer directly from the OctoPrint dashboard. Among other things, you have access to the following functions.


You can currently set the temperatures of the extruder(s) (max. 2) and the print bed with our dashboard. Simply enter the desired value in the number box and confirm your entry with "Set temperature".

Einstellung der Temperatur
Change temperature

Entering "0" deactivates the heating process and the extruder cools down. The same applies to the print bed.

Start print

There are two ways you can start a print job. Either you first select the desired Gcode in the file browser and click on the "Print" button in the "Current Print" sidebar or you click directly on the "Print" button of the respective file.

Druckauftrag starten im OctoPrint Dashboard
Start print job

You will be asked again if you really want to start the print job. If you confirm this dialog, OctoPrint starts printing the selected Gcode.

Confirm print
Caution Please check in advance that your printer is free and ready to print!

Once the dialog has been confirmed, printing begins (after prior heating up, of course). You can then follow the current progress in the "Current Print" sidebar.

Current print

In addition to progress, you can also pause or cancel your print here. Please note that if you pause your printing, you have entered an event based gcode for the pause event in OctoPrint. Otherwise it can happen that the printer simply stops where it is printing and switches off its nozzle.

Find out how you do it under OctoPrint event based Gcode scripts can be created and stored.

Connection information

In the right sidebar "Advanced View" you will find the current connection data for OctoPrint and your printer(s).

Verbindungsdaten zu OctoPrint
Current connection data

Connection settings

These are the settings to connect to your printer. Here you can select your port, the baud rate and your printer profile. If you select the "Save connection settings" option, your current settings will be saved on your print server and will be available the next time you start them.

If you select "Connect automatically at server start", OctoPrint will automatically try to connect to the last used printer. If the connection is successful, the button shows "Disconnect printer". Otherwise you can connect or disconnect the printer manually by clicking the buttons.

Current connection

This information area shows you the current connection. This is the IP address or server name and the current version of the OctoPrint API.


BETA Please note that this module is still in beta status and may contain minor bugs.

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