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Umstellung auf SQLite-Datenbank Ab der Version 1.3.0 verwendet die Software eine Datenbank um alle Tool-Einstellungen, sowie alle angelegten Elemente (Drucker, Material usw.) zu speichern. Ein großer Nachteil der vorherigen Methode war, dass die Einstellungsdatei bei Schreibfehlern unbrauchbar wurde und vom Tool nicht mehr gelesen werden konnte. Wichtige Hinweise zum Upgrade Nach der Installation der neuen…

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Switch to SQLite database

From version 1.3.0 the software uses a database to save all tool settings and all created elements (printer, material, etc.). A major disadvantage of the previous method was that if there were any write errors, the settings file became unusable and the tool could no longer read it.

Important Notes on Upgrading

After installing the new version, an upgrade dialog appears, which transfers your current settings to the database.

Dialog zur Datenbank-Migration

Important. This dialog cannot be skipped! The tool can only be used again once the migration has been completed.

Start migration

The process can be started with the "Migrate" button. Before the wizard starts, a window for backing up the current settings will appear. It is recommended to perform the backup!

Ordner-Auswahl für das Backup

Then the migration process begins.

Migration im Gange

As soon as the migration is complete, you will receive the following message. The dialog can now be ended and the app must be restarted.

Migration abgeschlossen
App startet neu

The migration is now complete and all your data should now be stored in the database.

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