Uninstall 3D printing cost calculator

Important information on uninstalling our 3D printing cost calculator

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Uninstall 3D printing cost calculator

We regret that you have decided to uninstall our software. We are happy to answer your questions and problems with our software. If you would like to tell us your reason , we would be very happy . This will help you to improve our software!

Important Your settings will remain after the deinstallation!

System-related deinstallation

Uninstall on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, you can simply uninstall the tool using the "Add or Remove Programs" system application.

Simply enter "Add or Remove Programs" in the status bar and select the system application.

Programme hinzufügen oder entfernen

Then search for our tool "3D Print Cost Calculator 2.0" and click on "Uninstall".

3D Druckkosten-Kalkulator entfernen

Deinstallation unter Windows 7 oder neuer

Wenn du unseren 3D Druckkosten-Kalkulator unter Windows 7 deinstallieren möchtest, gib einfach „Programme und Funktionen“ in die Windows-Startleiste ein. Suche anschließend nach „3D Print Cost Calculator 2.0“ und klicke auf „Deinstallieren“.

Remove settings

If you also want to delete or reset your settings, we recommend that you do this in advance in our tool. To do this, visit the settings page and the "App settings" tab. Then select the settings you want to reset.

Einstellungen verwalten
Manage your settings

Here you can also open the storage location for your settings files using the "Open location" button.


If you want to reinstall the tool after your deinstallation, you will find the instructions for Installation of our 3D printing cost calculator.

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