Use stl file for calculation

Stl-Datei verwenden Es ist nun möglich, auch Stl-Dateien zur Volumen-Ermittlung zu verwenden. Das vereinfacht den Workflow bei allen Verfahren, welche keine maschinell lesbaren Druckdateien (Gcodes) ausgeben. Stl-Datei laden Eine Stl-Datei kann zum Verwenden einfach in den Kalkulator gezogen, oder über den „Datei öffnen’“-Button geladen werden. Alle hinzugefügten Stl-Dateien stehen dann in der Auswahl zur Verfügung…

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Use stl file

It is now possible to use stl files for volume determination. This simplifies the workflow for all processes that do not output machine-readable print files (Gcodes).

Load stl file

An Stl file can simply be dragged into the calculator for use, or loaded via the "Open file" button. All added stl files are then available in the selection and can then be selected for calculation. To do this, select the menu item "Select from list".

The previously added Stl files can then be found in the "Stl" tab.

Select the desired files here and confirm the selection. The print time is then asked for each file, since this cannot be determined from the Stl file without the file having been sliced beforehand.

The printing time must be specified in industrial hours, i.e. 1 hour and 15 minutes corresponds to 1.25 industrial hours.

Increase and edit quantity

You can increase the number by selecting the same file again. Alternatively, you can also adjust each entry with the "Edit" button.

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