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Druckinformationen hinzufügen Ab der Version 1.4.1 haben wir die Möglichkeit hinzugefügt, Druckinfos auch über CSV-Dateien einzulesen. Dies erleichtert das Einlesen bzw. Eingeben mehrerer Dateien, ohne dass hierzu jedes Mal der Dialog geöffnet werden muss. Masseneingabe über CSV-Datei Die schnellste Methode, um mehrere Dateien einzulesen, ist der Weg über die CSV-Datei. Diese Datei muss wie folgt…

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Add print information

From version 1.4.1 we have added the option of reading in print information via CSV files. This makes it easier to read in or enter multiple files without having to open the dialog each time.

Bulk input via CSV file

The quickest way to import multiple files is via the CSV file. This file must be structured as follows so that the parser can correctly organize the information.


It is important here that the header, as shown above, is adopted. Also, the decimal separator is a period (.), not a comma (,).

You can then use the "File Actions" menu to select and start bulk input. A dialog then opens.

Here you can either select a CSV file via the "Open file" button, or simply enter data manually in the DataGrid by double-clicking on the first row and desired column. Each entry must be confirmed with the Enter key.

Alternatively, if you choose a CSV file, the entries will be automatically read from the list and added to the DataGrid.

Entries that are read in are appended below. This does not overwrite the manual entries. Once all the data has been entered, the list can be accepted with the "Add" button.

Important notice

It is not an error that the weight shows -1g. The weight is only calculated during the calculation with the density of the selected material or materials. A weight is only displayed here if this was specified via the manual print information.

Entering manual print information

As an alternative to bulk input, you can simply enter the data for the object to be printed manually for simple print jobs. To do this, select the menu item “Manual print job information”.

Here it is recommended, if possible and known, to state the volume. This allows the weight to be calculated more correctly later. Alternatively, the weight can also be specified.

If the weight is specified here, the volume is displayed as -1 cm³, but there is a weight in the list for that. The calculator then automatically uses the weight here instead of the volume.

Selection of added files (STL / Gcode)

If you have already added STL / Gcode files, you can simply select them from this list and load them into the calculation. You can find out more about this here.

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