Overwrite currency symbol for current language

Would you like to change the currency symbol in the calculator? Then learn how to do it here!

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Only in Pro version?

No, also in the free version

Change currency

If your language is not yet available, or you want to change the currency symbol in the calculator for another reason, you can do this from version 1.1.3-beta. To do this, visit the “Settings” page and select the “General” area.

Selection of the language for the currency symbol

Select the desired country from which you want to transfer the currency or the currency symbol. You will be shown an example of how the change will affect you.

Overwrite complete number formatting

If you want to overwrite the complete number formatting, such as the date format, then also check the box to overwrite the complete number formatting. Then the example display for the current date also changes.

Caution Changing this setting requires restarting the software.
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