Global configuration

Globale Konfiguration Eine der größten Neuerungen ist die globale Konfiguration. Hier handelt es sich um eine Cloud-Datenbank, welche über den dienst Firebase (von Google) bereitgestellt wird. Diese Datenbank enthält einen Katalog von Herstellen, Materialtypen, Druckern und Materialien. Das Tool kann diese Informationen bei jedem Start laden, oder manuell durch den „Jetzt synchronisieren“-Button. Fehlende Informationen im…

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Global configuration

One of the biggest innovations is the global configuration. This is a cloud database provided via the Firebase service (from Google). This database contains a catalog of manufacturers, material types, printers and materials. The tool can load this information on every launch, or manually through the "Sync Now" button.

Settings for global configuration
Current printers from the catalogue

Missing information in the catalogue

The catalog is constantly being updated and expanded on our part. If items are missing, you are welcome to send us a message and we will record the missing information.

Use data from the catalog

To use a printer or material from the catalog, click the "+" button on the printer. / Material side. In the dialog, at the top, a button "Find printer from presets" now appears.

Search catalog

A new dialog will then open, from which you can select your desired printer.

Selection filtered by manufacturer

If a printer is selected, the parameters are automatically loaded into the input mask. You still have the option of adjusting parameters such as the price.

Data was taken from the catalogue

Finally, the printer can be created using the "Add" button.

Important notice

The data loaded from the cloud is stored in a separate database file ("Prsets.db"). This is in the same folder as the "Data.db" file that contains your settings.

You can open the path directly by opening the following path in your explorer.


The environment variable '%USERNAME%' automatically uses your current user.

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