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Find a guide here on how to export your calculations as a PDF file.

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Export calculation

To export a calculation, visit the “Calculations” tab in the main menu and move the desired calculation to the left and click the “File” icon. Alternatively, click directly on the “File” symbol in the calculation result to start the export.

Export konfigurieren

You will then be taken to the export setup page. There you can adjust the following settings.

  • Select a customer
  • Whether to show the date
  • Whether to show the diagram

We'll define other customization options here. Do you have an idea? Let us know.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click the "Export" button and a PDF file will be created. You can either forward it directly or save it on your device.

Export multiple calculations as a list

From version 1.0.8 you can also send several calculations together as one offer. To do this, visit the "Calculations" tab and select the desired calculations.

In the field below you will see the total amount and the total time. If you click on the “File” icon next to it, you will be taken to the export page.

Export der Berechnung vorbereiten

On this page you can customize what should and should not be included in the PDF file. You can enter your company details under Settings - Export - Company details. You can also select a customer.

Please note that the form is not an official invoice or an official offer. It only serves as an overview sheet for the selected calculations.

Import calculation into LexOffice

With a later version, it should be possible to make calculations directly as an official offer / invoice using LexOffice [partner link].

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