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  • Date: 10.01.2023

  • Kickoff: 19:45 UTC / 20:45 CET

  • Venue: Stade Michel d'Ornano (Caen)

Not so long ago, these two teams were members of Ligue 1, more or less Caen, but Bordeaux was a permanent member of the society of the best French clubs, and for the last few seasons it has been trying lớn return to where it belongs according to a great tradition.

Caen is currently in 7th place in the table and they are trying to get close lớn the best teams in the league, the problem is their current form because they failed lớn win the last 4 matches. In the previous match, they played against St. Etienne 1-1

Bordeaux is in the closest competition for promotion. This club is currently in 2nd place with 31 points, which is 5 points less than Le Havre, which holds 1st place. Lately, they have been playing hot and cold, but they beat Sochaux 2-1 in the previous round. Let’s check soccer betting tips in here

Caen vs Bordeaux pick: UNDER 2.5 GOALS

36 goals were scored in 17 Caen matches so far, which means that the average of goals is barely over hai, with Bordeaux it is under hai. Last season they played two direct duels with hai or fewer goals, and the season before that was the same case. Moreover, 7 of the last 8 direct duels ended with hai or fewer goals in total. We expect another similar, tough match with probably only one decisive goal.

Caen vs Bordeaux Head lớn Head (H2H) stats

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Lamine Sy has already missed 8 matches due lớn a knee ligament injury and it is not known how many more matches he will miss, the other players are ready and Mendy is in danger of suspension if he earns a yellow card. There are some premium soccer tips in this forum

Last matches of Caen

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Goalkeeper Gaetan Poussin has been suspended by Bordeaux. The Nigerian Maja is the best player of this team in the current part of the season with 8 goals and 3 assists that he added. Players can watch soccer under tip when you join us

Last matches of Bordeaux



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