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Attribution and license terms of our third-party software solutions used.

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In addition to our own developments, we also use third-party solutions in our 3D printing cost calculator. Mostly in the form of NuGet packages or via source code, which is made available on GitHub.

Attribution & License

About the tool

In order to comply with the respective license terms of the packages used, you can find all packages used directly in the tool under "Settings" in the "About" tab.

Overview of all third-party software solutions used
Open project & license page

Project & license links

Right-clicking on the respective software package takes you directly to the project page (GitHub or similar) and once to the respective license terms.


The framework used originally comes from BornToBeRoot and its incredible NETworkManager . We have changed this for our purposes by removing all content from the original tool. We now only use the framework to display our content.

Source code

You can also find our modified source code on GitHub, published under the same license as the original project.

View project on GitHub


Do you have any questions about the project or the third-party software solutions used? Just write us a message using the contact form .

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