Older versions

Version 0.0.1-beta

Released on 2019-11-01

  • First release of the trial version

Version 0.0.2-beta

Released on 2019-11-02

  • Fixed: Missing translations for ‘Validators’ added
  • Fixed: Gcode praser crashed if the filament density was 0 or null
  • Fixed: Unfinished settings system (Slicer, Simplify 3D) hidden from the settings
  • Fixed: Currency symbol was loaded incorrectly or always ‘$’ displayed.
  • New: French translation added (Thank you to Sébastien for your support!)

Version 0.0.3-beta

Released on 2019-11-21

  • New: Repetier Server Pro dashboard - All what matters at once glance
  • New: Updated french localization
  • New: Gcode file chooser for calculations
  • Neu: Neues “Name”-Feld für die Kalkulation
  • New: New feature to accumulate more calculations to an offer
  • New: Integrated event logger
  • Fixed: Repetier Server Pro settings didn't save, if nothing else had changed before
  • Fixed: The “Delete” button does not work for “machine hourly rate” calculations
  • Fixed: The search field at the "assign machine hours rate" was without function
  • Fixed: GCode parser did not convert “days” into hours
  • Changed: Minimum dotNet framework version updated to 4.5.2
  • Changed: Cleaned UI and forms
  • Changed: Added try & catch for all dialogs
  • Changed: Width for the calculation result dialog increased

Version 0.0.4-beta

Released on 2019-11-25

  • New: Pro version released
  • New: Dialogs for creating materials, printers and work steps can now be opened in a new window.
  • New: Note when a new version is ready for download
  • New: Language: German - Switzerland added (due to currency)
  • Fixed: Is the printer list loaded while the Repetier Server Pro is offline, the application crashes
  • Fixed: “Delete” button in the “Assign machine hourly rate” dialog has no function
  • Fixed: License haven't been saved on the first start if no other settings were changed as well.

Version 0.0.5-beta

Released on 2019-12-01

  • New: Pruchased & integrated Code Signing Certificate
  • Fixed: "Edit" commands without function in the calculation overview (printer, material & work steps)
  • Fixed: “Edit” button for machine hourly rate removed as this function is not yet available
  • Fixed: Updated french translation

Version 0.0.6-beta

Released on 2019-12-02 (Hot fix)

  • New: Added several languages to change the currency symbol
  • Fixed: Activation on Pro did not work properly
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 0.0.7-beta

Released on 2019-12-15

  • New: Send stl files directly to your slicer (Command Line Interface or GUI)
  • New: Integrated own Gcode parser (beta)
  • New: Added various new settings
  • Changed: Improved file handling for gcodes and stl files
  • Changed: Added possibility to exclude energy costs (if already calculated in the machine hours rate)
  • Fixed: Calculation error for energy costs
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed
  • Removed: Removed external library for gcode-parsing
  • Updated: German and English language updated

Version 0.0.8-beta

Released on 2020-01-05

  • New: Own gcode-inspector
  • New: Gcode editor
  • Updated: Revamped Repetier Server Pro Dashboard
  • Updated: Minimum dotNet-Version was increased to 4.6.1
  • Updated: German and English language updated
  • Updated: Language updated
  • Fixed: Scrolling doesn't work at the language selection screen
  • Fixed: Improved gcode parser and fixed errors
  • Fixed: Slicer dialog was not completely visible
  • Fixed: Collapsing of the main menu was not saved
  • Fixed: Repetier messages, occuring at runtime haven't been shown
  • Fixed: Fan speed couldn't be set from the Repetier Dashboard
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 0.0.9-beta

Released on 2020-02-19

  • New: Added possibility to duplicate material
  • Neu: “ASA” als Filament hinzugefügt
  • New: Added the possibility to export calculations as an Excel file
  • New: Extended view (calculations, STL viewer, Gcode info) can now be collapsed
  • New: Extended settings for the calculation interface
  • New: FQDN support for Repetier Server IP address
  • New: Slicer commands can now be saved
  • New: Language for Norway added (currency symbol)
  • New: Insert button for marking and deleting for calculations
  • Changed: Repetier Server Dashboard revised (test phase)
  • Fixed: Gain and error rate were not saved
  • Fixed: Editing slicers did not work properly
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 0.1.0-beta

Released on 2020-03-15

  • New: Preparation for the OctoPrint Rest-API (beta)
  • New: revision of the machine hourly rate calculator
  • New: Ability to edit & delete manufacturers / suppliers
  • New: Italien translation added
  • New: Norwegian translation added
  • Fixed: Gcode parser, parameter without a numeric value caused a crash
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 0.1.1-beta

Veröffentlicht am 2020-05-03

  • New: Integration of OctoPrint Rest-API (beta)
  • New: Ability to load gcode analysis from OctoPrint (Print time and volume) (beta)
  • Neu: Sprache “Afrikanisch” hinzugefügt (nur für Währungssymbol)
  • Neu: Speichere deine Slicer-Befehle ab (Verwaltung erfolgt unter “Slicer” in den Einstellungen)
  • New: Slice button at the stl viewer
  • Updated: Translations (French, German)
  • Updated: Updated all SyncFusion packages and license codes
  • Updated: Improved Repetier Server Pro Dashboard
  • Updated: documentation updated
  • Updated: Slicer dialog improved & fixed errors with CLI
  • Updated: “Documentation” buttons have been added at important points
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed
  • Fixed: Tab for calculating the machine hour rate was visibile in the free version
  • Fixed: Search box was not sticky at the language settings page
  • Fixed: Updates couldn't overwrite existing installations
  • Fixed: Dragged tabs couldn't be put back into the host view
  • Fixed: Collapsing & expanding of the sidebars wasn't saved

Version 1.1.2-RC (Stabil)

Released on 2020-06-01

  • Updated: Target & actual temperature view for OctoPrint dashboard
  • Updated: Italien language
  • Fixed: OctoPrint printer profiles were not loaded if a custom volume was set in the settings
  • Behoben: Button für den Datei-Upload / Erstellen eines Ordners waren auch bei der “sdcard” aktiv
  • Fixed: Machine hour rates, linked to a printer, were not updated
  • Behoben: Neuer Hersteller / Lieferant waren standardmäßig auf “Inaktiv / Gesperrt”
  • Fixed: Slice dialog: Stl files with spaces were not correctly transferred to the slicers
  • New: Drag & drop for OctoPrint & Repetier Server gcode files (for upload)
  • New: Added Hungarian language for currency

Version 1.1.3-beta

Released on 2020-06-25

  • New: Possibility to change the currency symbol and the number formatting
  • Updated: German & French updated

Version 1.1.4-beta

Released on 2020-09-25

  • New: Function for multiple analysis of Gcodes
  • New: 3D preview for Gcodes
  • New: Multiple selection of Gcode files for a calculation
  • New: Multiple instances for OctoPrint server (test phase)
  • New: Option to reload calculations from the extended view into the calculator
  • New: New file format “.3dcx” for new calculations
  • New: Possibility to calculate the volume using the weight
  • Updated: Gcode parser performance improved (approx. 10x faster for large Gcode files)
  • Updated: Dependencies updated
  • Updated: Migration to Mahapps 2.2
  • Updated: Upgrade 3D viewer to SharpDX (Helix Toolkit)
  • Updated: RepetierServerPro API completely revised
  • Updated: OctoPrint API completely revised
  • Updated: All functions and objects have been combined in a library, which the mobile app and the desktop application now use together
  • Updated: Tool optimization on FDM printers removed, all forms are now also optimized for various technologies.
  • Updated: Calculation result dialog renewed
  • Fixed: Empty layers removed in the Gcode layer model
  • Fixed: When changing the layers, the zoom was reset
  • Fixed: Selection for standard printers, materials etc. was not saved correctly
  • Removed: Removed unnecessary packages / content

Version 1.1.5-beta (Quick-Fix)

Released on 2020-09-27

  • Behoben: Upgrade der Settings hat bei Hersteller, Lieferanten und Arbeitsschrittkategorien nicht funktioniert
  • Behoben: Verlinkung bei Maschinenstundensätze ging beim Upgrade verloren
  • Behoben: Wurde kein Herstelle angegeben, so wurde ein Komma zu viel angezeigt
  • Behoben: Falscher Text bei Korrekturfaktor für Druckzeitberechnung (Gcode-Parser-Einstellungen)
  • Aktualisiert: Standard für Slicer-Druckerkonfiguration wird automatisch angelegt

Version 1.1.6-beta

Released on 2020-10-13

  • Fixed: No material types were created with a fresh installation
  • Fixed: Application crashes when editing print time or volume of added files
  • Fixed: Reading comments for known slicers did not work with drag'n'drop
  • Fixed: Taxes were calculated even though they were not active
  • Fixed: Price of accumulated offers was not updated
  • Updated: Third party packages updated

Version 1.1.7-beta

Released on 2020-11-21

  • Fixed: Deleting the active Gcode did not reset the 3D & 2D view
  • Fixed: “Search” button in “3D printer” settings caused an exception
  • Fixed: Print time was not displayed correctly under “Gcode infos”
  • Fixed: “Calculate” button no longer worked when “Show calculation result when changing calculation?” was not set
  • Fixed: “Work steps” was cut off in the calculation result
  • Fixed: Elements in the calculation result were not translated
  • Fixed: When a material was edited, “Filament” was always selected instead of the correct material type
  • Fixed: “Save calculation” from the extended view still used the old “.3dc” format
  • Fixed: Calculation brings an error if one of several printers does not have a machine hourly rate
  • New: Added CraftWare as a slicer for reading the print time from the comments
  • New: added ideaMaker as a slicer for reading the print time from the comments
  • New: Possibility to add process-specific additions to the calculation (e.g. SLS => material refreshment)
  • New: Additional information for powder (when creating / editing material)
  • Updated: Nuget packages updated

Version 1.1.8-beta

Released on 2021-01-31

  • New: Process-specific additives for resin printers
  • New: Process-specific additives for filament printers
  • New: Option to create a new calculation when you click on “Calculate”
  • New: New settings menu for quick adjustments to the calculator
  • New: Improved dashboard (possibility of dragging and dropping individual elements)
  • New: Enlarged Gcode & Stl viewer
  • New: Implementation of a new update manager (nUpdate)
  • New: Option to select Gcodes from the list and add them to the calculation
  • Updated: All active process-specific additives are now calculated, provided that the material or printer corresponds to the process
  • Updated: Nuget packages updated
  • Updated: License manager improved
  • Updated: Drag'n'Drop zone enlarged & improved
  • Updated: Data for acceleration have now been assigned to the printer and are no longer global settings
  • Updated: "Send Gcode" now opens the upload window and allows you to make further settings (target printer & target folder)
  • Fixed: Tool crashes when right-clicking in a text field
  • Fixed: Tool crashes if a print file is created manually but no material was available yet
  • Fixed: Crash when starting the application due to the lack of the “calculations.xml” file
  • Fixed: Calculation card showed the name of the file and not the project name
  • Fixed: Excel exporter also output combinations of printer and material which did not fit together from the material family (FDM printer, resin material)
  • Fixed: Excel column names were not localized
  • Fixed: Print times were also displayed in milliseconds
  • Fixed: The progress bar for multiparse was cut off
  • Fixed: Progress bar when creating a layer model was always displayed
  • Fixed: Tool crashed when canceling the parse process
  • Fixed: Queue for Gcode parser was not emptied when canceled
  • Fixed: Gcode parser needed a lot of memory when reading large Gcode files (example: Groot => previously 4GB, now approx. 2GB)
  • Fixed: No material types were loaded after a fresh installation
  • Fixed: No slicer configuration could be created with fresh installation (led to a crash)

Version 1.2.0-beta

Released on 2021-01-31

  • Fixed: RepetierServerPro dashboard did not load any messages
  • Behoben: Es kommt vor, dass bei der Pro-Version nach dem Update die Lizenzprüfung nicht automatisch weggeht (Hier eine Anleitung zur schnellen Behebung)

Version 1.2.2-beta

Veröffentlicht am 2021-02-27

  • Aktualisiert: Update auf die neue OctoPrint-Bibliothek
  • Behoben: “Gcode von OctoPrint” wählen funktionierte nicht
  • Behoben: Zielwert bei Temperaturen im OctoPrint-Panel wurde nicht richtig angezeigt
  • Behoben: Maschinenstundensatz bei Drucker-Template nicht in richtiger Währung angezeigt

Version 1.2.3-beta

Released on 2021-07-20

  • New: Option to exclude certain elements from the profit calculation
  • New: Change to Advanced-Installer
  • New: Event-Logger now also writes a temporary file under "\Documents\3dPrintCostCalculator". This makes it easier to identify errors at startup. The file is always deleted on startup and only contains data from the current session
  • Updated: French translation updated (100%)
  • Updated: Libraries for OctoPrint & Repetier Server updated
  • Updated: Gcode parser optimized and improved
  • Fixed: Progress bar when parsing Gcodes did not work properly
  • Fixed: With “Overwrite currency symbol” active, the selected currency symbol was not written in the Excel export
  • Fixed: Remembering the last calculations for the next start did not work
  • Fixed: Adding or removing the license was only applied after a restart
  • Fixed: Tool could not process Gcodes (from approx. 150MB)
  • Removed: 32-bit version is no longer supported

Version 1.2.4-beta

Released on 2021-07-25

  • Removed: Support for older “.3dc” files removed, only the new format “.3dcx” is now valid
  • Fixed: Gcode parser incorrectly calculated the volume of Cura Gcodes
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.5-beta

Released on 2021-08-11

  • Updated: Extended logging for STL viewer
  • Fixed: New installer sometimes does not install all necessary files (back to old installer)
  • Fixed: Tool does not start on some devices
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.6-beta

Released on 2021-10-03

  • Fixed: The 3D view for STL files did not work on some computers
  • Fixed: GcodeParser brought an error with G28 X Y
  • Fixed: Print time was always set to 0 when parsing Gcode
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.7-beta

Released on 2021-10-11

  • Fixed: GcodePaser sometimes delivered incorrect printing times from the comments (Cura & Simplify3D)
  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.8-beta

Upcoming release

  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2.x-RC

Upcoming release

  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Known issues

Here you will find a list of known problems that will be fixed with subsequent updates. Most of these problems require the intervention of the respective provider and are beyond our control.


  • STL-Viewer hat Probleme mit Stl-Dateien, welche ä, ü, ö im Pfad enthalten – (#1463, offen)